Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a short list of the questions and answers we get asked most.  If you'd like to know something that's not here feel free to click the button below and contact us anytime.

  1. How long has SelectDecks been building custom decks?  The business started in 2010 under a different name, the name SelectDecks wasn't born until 2012.  ~250 projects later we are a nationally recognized custom deck and outdoor living builder.
  2. Are you licensed and insured?  You bet.  We are licensed in West Virginia as a General Contractor (WV055100) and Pennsylvania as a Home Improvement Contractor (PA136496). As well, we also hold several city/town/municipality licenses.  SelectDecks maintains general liability and workers compensation insurance.  Homeowners are provided with all these certificates upon hiring us.
  3. Where do you work?  In the backyard! - - - sorry, had to.  SelectDecks was born in Morgantown, WV and we maintain our presence there.  Also, we have a team who focuses solely on the Pittsburgh market and anywhere in between.  We've also been knows to work in the Deep Creek Lake area when asked.  As a general rule of thumb anything within an hours drive is in our wheel house.
  4. Where can we see pictures or examples of your work?   Our website is a good place to start by clicking the "Our Work" tab.  That's where we post the pretty pictures of a bunch of our completed projects.  However, we are also very active on Instagram and Facebook where you can see the almost daily progress on some of our projects.  Houzz also features some of our best work.
  5. Do you do outdoor projects in the winter months?  Yes.  And whether it's us or another contractor it's important your builder understand the ins/outs of building in the cold weather.  Occasionally, a past client/friend/family member will ask us to remodel a basement, bathroom, kitchen, etc and we'll do that to stay warm.
  6. Do you fix and/or repair decks?  Our idea of fixing a deck is to take it completely down and start from the beginning.  There are so many decks out there that were improperly built that we can't offer our customers the quality and safety they deserve by using someone else's work.  This ensures when we leave a job we know everything from start to finish is done right.
  7. Do you offer any sort of warranty?  Absolutely, we stand by the products we use and the methods we use to install them.  The high quality products we use all come with their own manufacturer warranty, usually over 20 years.  We warranty our labor for 3 years and it's not the kind of warranty where you can't get someone to come look at at something.  In the rare instance that we get a call, we're going to be there soon to address the issue.
  8. Do you do landscaping?  Any deck under 4' will have an option to provide river rock under the deck and many times our patios will have some sort of decorative stone around it.  We have trusted landscaping companies we partner with if the project calls for a full landscape plan involving plants, etc.
  9. What do you mean by design/build?  All of our projects are custom.  We work with the homeowner to create a design based on a certain budget and then transition right into the build phase of things.  We're able to utilize 3-D rendering software to help everyone visualize the project and take the guess work out of the equation.  Doing all this in house saves our clients significant time and money.
  10. What are some materials you use?  This almost needs it's own webpage so we'll focus on the main ones.  Our decks are framed using #1 grade pressure treated lumber.  Light gauge steel is another option.  Trex Decking is our choice of composite decking for several reasons.  Reliability, colors, & performance are a few key factors.  For wood decks we are one of the only deck builders in the area using KDAT lumber.  This is a high grade, wood decking that has been treated in such a way that allows us to stain/seal/finish the decking as part of the project as opposed to having to wait several months to treat like traditional pressure treated decking.